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Knowing how effective & much-needed guest posting is in the industry today, MalwareTips has launched this “write for us Technology” section on our website. We know you have a lot of information about antivirus & device health that you want to share with people on the internet. MalwareTips is the platform for you. Just like you, we are also eager to have you on our website. Just keep reading below to know about our guidelines so that you can write content that will be suitable for our website & have maximum impact on our readers. Write for us + malware tips and send them to our website email id: write4usmalwaretips@gmail.com

You may also contact us by visiting this page.

Write For Us Software & Technology

Our website consists of information about malware & antivirus, all directed towards raising awareness against any malware that might harm any devices of our readers. With time we only expect ourselves to make progress & move forward in our vision. We require the writers who write for us to also be on the same wavelength as us. The guidelines & information below are what we want the content on our website to be. Take a look at it & see if you can still write here on Write for us Technology.

Different Types Of Categories On Which You Can Make Guest Post On Our Website

The world of Malware & antivirus both consist of each other, but still what we cover here is diverse. You can select what you want to write according to the categories below. 

  • Technology
  • Software
  • News
  • Tech news
  • VPN
  • Antivirus
  • Online Safety 
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Tutorial of Software
  • Storage 
  • Internet
  • Online work
  • Security services
  • Device health & security
  • Firewall
  • Malware
  • Anti-spyware
  • Ransomware protection.

Essential Guidelines For Submt the Guest Post:

Following these guidelines can be a good exercise for you. Working with us on our terms can benefit both you & us. See if your skills & talent can be showcased under our guidelines.

Anyone who makes it to us is always welcome on this website.

  • Your content should be about 500-750 words minimum 
  • Your content should be original & thoroughly constructed
  • Your content needs to be well-researched & correct
  • What you write should be without any spelling & grammatical errors
  • Your content needs to be with 0 plagiarism
  • If your content is reuploaded by you anywhere else then it will be removed from our website
  • You need to include two images related to your content, each size should be 30KB
  • Make sure your content fits in with the content on our website to make internal linking possible. 
  • You will receive a live link after your content is available on our website
  • Your content will be removed if any inappropriate links are shared
  • It can take up to 2-3 business days to review & publish your content 

Where Can You Add Your Link To the Guest Post?

While guest posting was supposed to be something amazing, unfortunately, it has been ruined because of how beneficial it is for businesses. Writers often only want to guest post to include their link in the content to further boost their website & name. 

Here at MalwareTips.org we only allow up to three links in your content. You can put two links in your content piece & you can also put another link with your other information in the “about the author column”. Just make sure to include those links which resonate with the content you’re submitting. 

Guest Post Submission

You can search the keys mentioned below to find our website for guest posting.

How You Can Easily Become A Technology Guest Post writer

Just like how our website encourages other writers to collaborate, our team always welcomes & looks forward to new people joining us. If you want to become a part of your team then make sure to reach us & let us know at write4usmalwaretips@gmail.com when you would send in your content for guest posting.

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