Do you need Norton Antivirus

Why do you need Norton Antivirus?

If you are confused that Why do you need Norton Antivirus? So the answer is yes. You need the Norton Antivirus and I will give the strong reasons for it. As we all know that cybercrimes are increasing day by day at high speed. Your personal data I not personal now. That’s the reason you should buy Norton Antivirus. Let,s move to the next paragraph to understand it deeply.

Safty from Spyware, Antivirus, Malware & Ransomware

Spyware is the type of malware who collects the data of a person, organization, or company without their knowledge. They send this information to the hackers to hack your systems. Norton Antivirus will keep safe you from all these things. There are many cases came out when the personal data was stolen and demanded the ransom. This is very important to keep safe your device and your data safe from these things. Norton Antivirus has multiple advanced defense technology that protects you from spyware, malware, viruses, and ransomware.

Features of Norton Antivirus

Protection from Online Threat

When you go online and fill your financial information. So, there is a possibility that your financial information is not safe or some personal data is also not safe. Nowadays cybercriminals are using some complex technology to get your information. Which is actually difficult to find. But at the same time, Norton uses advanced technology to protect your personal & financial information. The Norton response team and their advanced technology monitor threats when you go online.

Do you backup your PC?

If you don’t keep the backup your PC then you can face the lots of trouble. Your PC’s hard drive can fail. Your files can be encrypted by the ransomware. There are many possibilities that you can lose your data. So this is important to keep the backup your PC. Well, Norton Antivirus offers 2 GB Cloud Storage with an automatic backup function. Apart from this, you will get the multiple layers of protection that will protect your device from ransomware attacks.

Protection from malicious attacks

Norton Antivirus offers the Smart Firewall that monitors the network traffic whether you sent or received when you were online.  If the smart firewall finds some suspicious traffic then It will block them to protect the device. And that’s how your personal data and files are safe now from intrusive eyes.

Secure Passwords

Do you ever face the problem of forgot password? To create the online accounts it’s important to keep the complex and unique passwords. But at the same time, it’s also difficult to remember all these passwords. So what is the solution? Well, Norton has the solution to this problem as well. Norton offers the password manager with the Norton Antivirus. The password manager secures your passwords and helps to create a complex password. Your all passwords will be secured in the online secure value. You can access your complex passwords at your fingertips.

Assurance of money back

Norton Antivirus gives the money-back guarantee. If you found the virus that the Norton team will not able to remove then they will refund your money. That shows the confidence of the Norton. So, if you are concern about the money then this can be the best option for you.

Parental Control

Do you know, what your children are doing on the internet? They are just a few steps ways from the vulgar content on the internet. If they will try some simple keywords they will get bad content which is not good for them. So if you will choose any higher plan of the Norton then you will get the Parental Control. Here you can monitor your children’s activity. What are they doing on the internet? You can block the bad website.

PC Safe cam

There is a possibility that cyber criminals hack your webcam.  They misuse your footage ad you will even not get any idea about it. But if you purchase the Norton 360 plan then your webcam will be fully protected by the Norton. So you can choose Norton 360 to save your webcam there are also many benefits to taking the Norton 360.


 Now it is clear that there are many benefits to choose the  Norton Antivirus. So, do you need Norton Antivirus? In my opinion, you should choose Norton Antivirus because precaution is better than cure.

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