What is ProtonVPN & How to Use for mac

In this topic, we will explain what is ProtonVPN and how to use it for Mac.

What is ProtonVPN?

ProtonVPN is a virtual private network service provider operated by the Swiss company Proton Technologies AG, behind the email service ProtonMail. ProtonVPN protects your data with secure AES-256 encryption and 4096-bit RSA key exchange. If you are not sure what this means, be assured that this is a very safe algorithm. It simply means that even if your encryption key is compromised in any way, all your data from previous connections will be completely protected. If you are looking for a free VPN, we absolutely recommend Proton VPN. It is very safe to use, all applications are open-source, and it comes with unlimited data, which means you can protect your online activity as little or as much as you want. This is totally free for all of you, the features you have in its paid version is not so different, it’s almost the same as its free version.

How do you use ProtonVPN for free?

Read this carefully, we will tell you how to create a free VPN account.

In your web browser, go to https://protonvpn.com/free-vpn or click on the “Signup” button on the homepage Then just go to the Free plan which will be automatically selected Then enter your email address for recovery email and verification After this go to your mail-id and complete the human verification by clicking on the link sent by ProtonVPN website. That’s the process through which you can use a free ProtonVPN account.

The ProtonVPN test is activated on the first successfully established connection. So if you create your account but wait a few days to start using Proton VPN, you won’t lose any of the seven test days. After your trial day ends, your account will automatically revert to the free plan.

Is ProtonVPN is available for Mac too?


Yes, ProtonVPN is now available for all macOS users. This is really good news for all of you and this is not from today but it has been done by ProtonVPN Admin in the last few years. With the help of ProtonVPN for Mac application, it is now extremely simple to switch countries, create custom profiles, connect to the Tor network, and route your traffic through Secure Core servers.

How to use it for mac?

The first step is to visit https://protonvpn.com and log in to your account. Then click on the Downloads section and select Mac Then Click Download for macOS. Make sure you click on Save File. Once downloaded, the Mac VPN application file should be located on your application bar’s downloads section. Just single-click on the downloaded .dmg file and it will start extracting. After extracting the Mac VPN application, click, hold, and drag ProtonVPN logo to the Applications folder. After you do this, the ProtonVPN Mac application will appear in the Applications folder, or application menu then just open the app. You will be prompted with a message that says this application has been downloaded from the Internet and not Apple’s App Store. Click on Open and proceed to the login screen. After this, once you have successfully entered your credentials, you will log in to the user interface of the Mac VPN application and your process of using ProtonVPN in Mac has been done.

We have told you here each and every step of using ProtonVPN on your Mac. Now it’s totally up to you whether you want to go as this or choosing another option. This is our claim to you that you won’t be annoyed by doing all this process as this was a very simple process, you can use your ProtonVPN in your Mac easily and take advantage of it whenever you want.

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