What is Norton Antivirus Plus

What is Norton Antivirus Plus?

Norton antivirus plan is an Antivirus Software plan that gives you protection from Spyware, Antivirus, malware & Ransomware. There is a large number of features that give you multiple benefits. We will discuss all aspects of the Norton Antivirus Plus the pros & cons and many things. It will help you to make the decision that what is Norton Antivirus Plus and Norton Antivirus Plus is good for you or not.

Features of Norton Antivirus Plus

features of norton Antivirus

To under that what is Norton Antivirus plus? First of all, we should take a look at the features of Norton Antivirus Plus. These are the following features you will get with Norton Antivirus Plus.

  1. Online Threat protection- Nowadays online threats are increased and they are very complex. But Norton has advanced technology that monitors the threat all over the world to protect your device. The ultimate goal of Norton is to keep your financial information safe when you go online.
  2. Cloud Backup- If you ever faced the problem of lost data then maybe you knew that how it can be the worst situation for you. Norton offers 2 GB Cloud Storage that uses automatic backup that keeps your file safe and secure.
  3. Smart Firewall- This feature monitors everything that your device received and send when you were online. It blocks suspicious traffic and protects your device from malicious attacks.
  4. Password Manager- Sometimes it’s very difficult to remember all the passwords. that you created while making the online accounts on different websites. So the password manager offers an online secure value that helps to create difficult passwords and keep them safe and secure.
  5. Virus Protection Promise- You get great advantage with the Norton Antivirus plus. Here Norton claims that if you will find the virus in your device that Norton can’t remove. So you will get your money back.

Cons of Norton Antivirus Plus

Expensive-  If you will take a look at the price of Norton Antivirus. You will see that the Norton Antivirus Plus has a higher price compared to its competitors.

Performance- Norton Antivirus Plus software makes the device quite slow.

Is Norton Antivirus good?

Yes, Norton Antivirus offers excellent Protection from all kinds of online threats. It shows the great results in many test leading labs. It will protect you from viruses, malware, ransomware, etc. If you still confused then you must think about the Virus protection promise of the Norton.

Comparison between Norton Antivirus Plus vs Keypersy Antivirus

Norton Antivirus vs Kaspersky

Features Norton Antivirus


Kaspersky Antivirus


Number of devices Protection for 1 pc or Mac Protection for 1 device but if are ready to pay more you can protect for up to 10 PCs
Security Defends against Viruses, ransomware and more Defends against Spyware, Antivirus, Malware & Ransomware
Performance Quite low performance compared to the Kaspersky Antivirus Kaspersky Antivirus offers protection without slowing you down
Simplicity Easy to use dashboard Simplifies features easy to set up and use
Backup 2 GB Cloud Backup No Backup
Password Security Password manager that secure the complex password There is no such password to keep it secure

Users review about Norton Antivirus Plus

We researched a lot and found that almost every user is satisfied with the services of Norton Antivirus Plus. There were also the people who were claiming that they got the best discount by using Coupon code and Promo code of Norton Antivirus. Norton Antivirus Login is a very easy task. And these features make this software more reliable for the users.

Maximum Discount with the Norton Antivirus Plus

Save your device with the Norton Antivirus plus. Here you can save up to 70% by using Norton discount coupon code & promo code. Save your hard earn money with the coupon codes and discount codes of Norton Antivirus. A large number of people are protecting themselves with the help of Norton Antivirus and you should also focus to protect yourself from online threats, cybercriminals, and spyware.


I hope you understand that what is Norton Antivirus Plus and now you are ready to make the decision. In my opinion, Norton Antivirus is good for home devices or for small businesses.

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