Pros And Cons Of Apple Watch

Pros And Cons Of Apple Watch

Are you considering buying a brand new Apple watch? You might be aware of the advantages of having an Apple watch, but sadly it has some disadvantages too. Think about this for a moment, you bought the Apple watch and suddenly got to know about a con of this premium product.

We know how it feels because we have all been there. That’s the reason why you should be aware of the pros and cons of Apple watch before making any decision.

What Is An Apple Watch?

Before we know about the advantages and disadvantages of having an Apple Watch, let’s know what actually is the Apple watch?

Apple Watch is a smart wearable device developed by Apple Inc. that users wear on their wrist. It uses wifi and BlueTooth to connect with the paired device. However, if you get a cellular model, it can also be connected through the cellular network.

Apple Watch comes with the ability to make calls, send and receive texts messages, stock market, and weather updates. Apple provides fitness capabilities through heart rate and other health monitoring sensors. You can also get the map coordinates and directions by using an Apple Watch. Providing some of the unique and premium features makes Apple so valuable and reliable tech company.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Getting An Apple Watch?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Apple Watch

It is best to know the advantages and disadvantages of having an Apple Watch before investing your hard-earned money in this expensive product. Let’s find out what benefits and disadvantages you get with an Apple Watch.

What Are The Advantage Of Having An Apple Watch?

Below we have outlined some of the major Apple Watch benefits that a user gets.

Benefits For Fitness

Apple Watch track all the activities you do during your exercise session. Whether you are jogging, running, hiking, or doing Yoga, An Apple watch shows you real-time stats that display distance traveled, calories burned, heart rate, pace, etc.

Health Monitor

Apple Watch benefits health by tracking your health data that includes heart rate, blood pressure, and tracks your exercise activities. Apple Watch can also detect any irregularities in your health condition and notifies you.

Fall Detector

Apple Watches comes with a fall detector that works by sensitive and highly accurate accelerometer and gyroscope sensors. It senses whether you have fallen or not. If it detects you are hard hit, it immediately asks you if you are okay. If you don’t respond within 60 seconds, it can automatically send an emergency call.

Water Resistance

Wearing a smartwatch and protecting it from water is a tough task but not with the Apple watches. All the Apple Watch models are water-resistant, you can even go swimming wearing it without worrying about damaging your smartwatch. However, deep water activities such as scuba diving and water skiing are not recommended

Calls & Music

You can make and receive calls along with send and receive messages through Apple Smart Watch. It connects with your iPhone and redirects all the received calls and texts on your Apple Watch. Additionally, You can play music through your Apple while doing any activity.

What Are The Disadvantages Of An Apple Watch?

Having an Apple Watch could be a disadvantage too because for various reasons. Some of the major cons of having an Apple Watch are mentioned below.


The most considerable thing before buying an Apple watch is its price. Apple products including Apple Watches come after paying a whooping price that not everyone can afford. However, getting an apple watch at a discounted price is not a big deal as the MacSales promo code does the job.

Compatible With IOS Devices

Despite being Bluetooth enabled, Apple watches are compatible only with iPhones. You can not access Apple Watch with other devices. Also to use the Apple watch’s full functions, your iPhone must be set up with services like iCloud and Apple pay.

Poor Battery Performance

If you compare the battery performance of the Apple Watch with its available competitor then you will find it offers poor battery life than other smartwatches. It offers 18 hours of battery backup which is not sufficient. 

Highly Distractive

The Apple Smartwatch can be highly disturbing sometimes. Wearing all day on the wrist and the constant vibration of notification can be quite annoying sometimes.

How Do I Get The Most Out Of My Apple Watch?

To get the most out of your Apple Watch, you can follow below mentioned few tips and tricks of Apple Watch.

  • You can use your Apple watch to trace or find your iPhone. Just go to the Control Center of your Apple Watch, select the ping icon. This will make your iPhone make a noise and make it easy for you to find it.
  • With Apple Smartwatch, you can get rid of unwanted apps on your iPhone.
  • Not everyone knows but the same band can work with 38mm and 40mm and the same band of 42mm can work with 44mm Apple watch cases.
  • The Theater mode will keep your Watch’s display off during you watch a movie in a theater.
  • In Control Center, there is a “Do not disturb” function that you can use to turn off the notifications and texts to shows up while you are in a meeting. And don’t want to get disturbed.


If you already have an iPhone then there is no best smartwatch alternative to the Apple Watch. However, you can easily find some of the best Smartwatches for yourself such as Fitbit. Also above mentioned pros and cons of the Apple Watch will make you more confident while buying an Apple watch for yourself. Although it is an expensive premium electronic gadget, the advanced features and functionality make it worth paying a huge amount.

So, if you are a student and going for purchase then, you may apply for the OWC Student Discount to save some money on the purchase.

Is Apple Watch Worth Buying?

Apple watch is undoubtedly an expensive product that comes after paying a whooping price. However, it is worth paying the amount for the Apple Watch as it offers fitness functions, potentially life-saving tools, a stylish and premium look, slick notifications, and apps.

Can Someone Else Wear My Apple Watch?

If someone else wears your Apple Watch, they won’t be able to use or access it unless they know the password of your Smartwatch.