Norton Vs Kaspersky

Norton Vs Kaspersky

Nowadays the world is evolving to the internet day by day hence the demand for internet security is increasing as well. So the best security comes from the best provider that meets your needs and lets you secure online. However, your concern about privacy determines the planning and convenience that you need and it also decides that which cybersecurity company suits you and meets your requirements. When it comes to differentiating between two well-known popular security service providers  Norton and Kaspersky. It can be tricky because if you are a tech-savvy or get involved in security reasons. Then you better know that both are the king of the cybersecurity kingdom. Both made a big effect on the industry so both are a competitor also. In the article, we will be doing a comparison between Norton Vs Kaspersky on the basis of their plan, features, and price. That will definitely help you to choose the best one between them.

1.    COST

Norton Vs Kaspersky Features

Cost is one of the first and major factors that customer looks at while purchasing a product. Whether it is a security product or something else. Price comparison can be a smart move because it saves your money from Unreasonable expenditure. Just like that, the same rule is also followed in antivirus purchase. The user’s first attention leads to the cost of the product this why cost matters more. Hence here is the cost differentiation between these two.

 Pricing Summary:

Norton: As low as $32.99 – 1 Year

Kaspersky: As low as $39.95 – 1 Year

Norton’s entry-level plan is cheaper than Kaspersky. So looking from a cost view Norton providing low-cost service.

2.     Interface Navigation

Typically, the majority of the users prefer a simple and easy to use interface with interesting colorful navigations. Norton and Kaspersky both present a well defined and user-friendly interface. Selecting between these two competitors can be tough. But as a customer, I found Norton’s interface more simplified and easy to grasp than Kaspersky.

3.     Customer Support

Norton VS Kaspersky Customer Support

A good company never lets it’s customers get into trouble. Both Norton and Kaspersky provide good help and support services through several methods like complete FAQ sections on the sites. Evaluating points such as how to install a product, and typical troubleshoot. Kaspersky offers 24/7 support to everyone whether they have Kaspersky’s account or not. Norton offers strong online customer support that differentiates it from others. It gives online live chat help to their registered user. Both companies provide information through Twitter and Facebook engaging pages, both respond frequently to customer reviews and inquiries.

The additional resource center of Kaspersky can be compared with Norton’s internet security center. Since both providing comprehensive articles about the latest changes in the industry and the most current threats in cybersecurity. Norton does the extra things, by providing a community forum on which users share information regarding cybersecurity. For instance, how to deal with the latest viruses and security hacks.

4.     Additional Features

Norton VS kaspersky Extra Features

Unlike the free software available The security software such as Norton and Kaspersky charges for their advance services. Here the user gets the exact number of services that they pay for. But when you signup and get registered to one of them. They will surprise you with extra added features and several free tools.

The free tool section of Kaspersky on its download page of their site surprises to its users with a wide range of extra features, from virus protection to a secure browser that gives additional options of protection to provide a safe cyber journey to their user. Users can also download a threat removal tool or safety disk that will allow them to get their devices in working without paying the bills to the local tech company.

Norton’s free tool bucket is limited and it is also a little difficult to navigate. But, they offer some really cool features, including a free app lock tool that helps to prevent your sensitive personal data. And provides parental control so you can safeguard your children, and allows your device to give you an extra layer of protection if it gets lost or stolen. The next two free tools that Norton is providing are a safe search option that gives you an automatic rating to your search results and gets you away from infected, malicious sites during browsing. Another free tool is a handy cleaning service that will detect and remove viruses and data from online ads.

5.     Privacy & Security

We all know that any company that deals with cybersecurity is continuously considering security risks. And working to protect their customer’s privacy. We investigate some points relevant to their services such as their own privacy policies and security features that must be on the top of the field.

 Now the Kaspersky took this seriously, adding both a standard privacy policy and an anti-corruption policy to judge the behavior of the company and employees. Their privacy policy basically made for protecting customers and providing them online protection. But it came into controversy when the department of homeland security claimed that the Russian using Kaspersky to access government information.

Norton has never been into such kinds of controversies. Even it introduced some revolutionary security products that lead cybersecurity to the next level. It guarantees to safeguard your home through its premium core products. Because of these revolutionary products, Norton proved itself as a market leader once again.

6.     Functionality

Norton VS Kaspersky Functionality

Kaspersky anti-virus takes much time to protect your PC, but if you want to keep your Mac or Android under its protection, it will disappoint you. Unlike other cybersecurity companies, including Norton, which have designed flexible several platform adaptive products that work as effectively on ios as PC. Kaspersky’s anti-virus program is only designed for PC, with limited options.

Norton offers compatible products that are able to work on multiple platforms. It covers all the security needs from information protection to parental control. Norton antivirus is an advanced and upgraded version of antivirus.

Plans of Norton & Kaspersky

Kaspersky Antivirus plans

  • Kaspersky Free (Windows only)
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus (Windows only)
  • Kaspersky Internet Security (Mac & Windows)
  • Kaspersky Total Security (Mac & Windows)
  • Virus Scanner (Mac only)
  • Virus Scanner Pro (Mac only)

Norton Antivirus plans

  • Norton antivirus Basic (Windows only)
  • Norton Security Standard (Windows & Mac)
  • Norton Security Deluxe (Windows & Mac)
  • Norton Security Premium (Windows & Mac)

Conclusion: Norton Vs Kaspersky

Since both the companies  Kaspersky and Norton are working very well to meet your security needs. However, Norton is considered better than Kaspersky. This is because it gives more user security-related features along with strong anti-malware protection. It contains all the services that Norton has. And the user can upgrade to its premium plan if you need so. I hope through this Norton Vs Kaspersky you will get brief info about them. If you want to compare Norton with another antivirus firm then check out Norton Vs Mcafee and about them too.

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