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Norton Security Review 2021

Norton is a security software used for protecting your mobile, tablet, laptop devices from viruses and malware.  Nowadays there are many threats present around that can access your personal data and harm your website. Thus, You need better and strong protection for your device. Norton is updated and a well-known cybersecurity software defends all kinds of cybercriminals. it can be the best antivirus for your device because it is one of the top cybersecurity companies and trusted by millions of users. Here I’m going to give you a complete Norton Security Review. That will help you to choose an anti-virus and genuine protection for your device.

Why choose Norton?

When we need antivirus we expect some qualities of services from the company. What are the qualities required? These are better performance, better speed, and user-friendly interface. If the software provides these facilities then we consider it worthy. So when it comes to the Norton security, it is more upgraded now. It provides finer performance and a very good user-friendly interface. For more detailed information and helpful and an honest review of Norton antivirus. read this article up to the end so that you will better understand the pros and cons of Norton security.


Norton 360 Security Review

Features are considered as the main buying factor of anything and the only reason to attract customers. It helps the customer to analyze and compare the options he has and choose the better one. In the case of Norton, it proved itself by the service.  It added some more core features and made it better than before. Norton 360 is built with many features. Some of the main features are:

  • Cloud backup
  • Secure VPN
  • Device security
  • Password manager
  • Parental control

Cloud backup

You always need a better cloud backup for your data. It protects your data and keeps it in a well-protected cloud place. And provides strong data backup security. The cloud backup features of Norton offer secure isolated storage for your important data and files. If you lost your device. you can easily backup your data and get it back to you from anywhere.

Except for these conveniences, Norton gives cloud space that provides you the protection from the ransomware. hackers can use ransomware to access your data. If your data is securely saved to cloud backup space. It won’t affect you even if the original gets hacked.

  • Norton’s first and cheapest plan Norton antivirus plus includes 2 GB pc cloud backup space.
  • The second plan Norton 360 standard provides 10 GB pc cloud backup space.
  • 3rd plan Norton 360 deluxe 3 devices provides 50 GB of pc cloud backup space.
  • 4th, Norton 360 deluxe gives 75 GB of cloud backup space

Secure VPN

  • Thus, a VPN works to hide your privacy, it plays an important role in your device. You need a secured virtual network to access the internet. that Norton is providing.

Norton antivirus has a Lifelock, which follows a strict ‘’no log’’ policy. that means your identity or browsing history won’t be recorded by Norton. Using its VPN means your activity is completely secure. Another best benefit in Norton VPN is, it allows you to use unlimited data. Unlike other companies it does not has a data limit. Kaspersky(300 MB per day), Bitdefender (200 MB per day), panda(150 MB/day). But it is not good every time, a VPN can slow down your internet speed.

Device security

Norton’s antivirus called ‘’SONAR’’- LifeLock Online Network for Advanced Response. You just have to turn on sonar protection all the time. That provides you complete protection from malicious codes. It can detect unidentified and rising threats. It is one of the top-performing antivirus products serving high protected security. Another perk has given by Norton is the money-back guarantee. If Norton is unable to protect your file and remove threats then you will get your money back under Norton’s virus protection promise.

Password manager

Norton password manager works as a web app in the browser. The password vault has an Easy and simplified interface. Along with login identities some other things like, payment details, user addresses, and notes can be stored in a password vault. Norton password manager can change your password automatically on compatible websites. So it has an auto-change password feature.

Parental control

Norton Parental control

Norton parental controls are a productive way to watch and guard your children over the internet. It provides you the complete access and control over your children’s activities. It offers monitoring android smartphones, iPhone, iPad, and computer devices. It allows you to watch your children’s activities on how your kids are using their devices and what they are doing with the internet. Norton provides parental control services on four levels. Starting from younger to older it has different security levels. For the younger child, it’s very strict.  And for older, it is less protected. You can watch the location of the child’s device. You can set the limit, how much time can your child use the device and. Also can disable apps after a specific time duration that you don’t want to let your child use. So it gives you the best tools to restrict your children. It can be one of the strong points in a Norton review.

Norton plan and pricing

      Norton antivirus


       Norton 360


Norton 360 deluxe

      3 devices

      Norton 360


           RS 899


1 Year

          RS 1,199









·        1 Device Security for 1 PC or 1 Mac

·        Anti-Spyware, Antivirus, Malware, and Ransomware

·        Online Threat Protection

·        Smart Firewall

·        Virus Protection Promise

·        1 Device Security for 1 PC, 1 Mac or 1 smartphone or tablet

·        Anti-Spyware, Antivirus, Malware, and Ransomware Protection

·        Firewall for PC and Mac

·         Virus Protection Promise

·        SafeCam5

·        Device Security for up to 3 PCs, Mac, smartphones or tablets

·        Anti-Spyware, Antivirus, Malware, and Ransomware Protection

·        Firewall for PC and Mac

·        Virus Protection Promise

·        SafeCam5

·        Device Security for up to 5 PC, Mac®, smartphones or tablets

·        Anti-Spyware, Antivirus, Malware, and Ransomware Protection

·        Firewall for PC and Mac

·        Virus Protection Promise

·        SafeCam5

Norton Best Security Software

It is not just malware and viruses that harm you. Your personal details can also be looted and you may be run into problems. Norton antivirus introduces the technology that secures your privacy protects your finances when you go online. All these features are included in Nortons starting basic plans. Thus there are some premium plans that provide some specific features for different packages. Now, the Norton security is upgraded to its new security product called Norton 360. It gives you more customized ultimate features that are able to provide you complete security in every privacy aspect.

Norton 360- for mobile apps

Norton Mobile Security

Norton providing mobile security with all 360 plans.  Under Norton’s mobile security plan you will get the following features:

  • App Advisor.
  • Safe Search.
  • Malware scan and real-time malware protection (Android only).
  • Anti-Theft (Android only).
  • Wi-Fi Scan.
  • Web Protection.
  • Link Guard.

Norton customer support

Solving a problem can be messy and time taking. And it can be solved with the mutual cooperation of the client and agent. Norton customer support includes:

  • Phone call
  • Live chat.
  • Community support forum.
  • Norton does not provide an email option for help.

Bad points of Norton

Here are some bad points about Norton security. Which you should know about.  Although these are some small defects which the Norton has. It is less in comparison to other software. But anyways you should know this before buying.

  • VPN is slow.
  • Limited 2-factor authentication for Password Manage.
  • No Anti-Theft feature for iOS app.


Hence the complete Norton antivirus review is done and now we are able to come to the conclusion. On the basis of its plan and services, it is the best cybersecurity is providing very high-security systems like SONAR which makes our data and files well protected.  And the features given by Norton are also great features for all types of devices and every type of customer.

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