Norton Security Deluxe Vs Premium

Norton Security deluxeVS Norton premium 2021

Norton Security is an antivirus or anti-malware product which is developed by Symantec Corporation since 1991 and now becomes the most trustable and demanded source of providing the best antivirus solution.  Norton helps in protecting all your personal information with Norton 360 where you get all in one protection. Norton security has replaced with Norton 36o and it is one of the best protection antiviruses from any kind of malware and online threats. You can do your work safely and without any fear of hacking of tracking.  It also provides secure premium with device security. As we know that Norton provides 3 kind of best plans one is Norton Security standard 2nd is Norton security deluxe and the last one if Norton premium. This all the plans are different from each other and work differently to secure your device. In this article, you will get the best difference in between Norton Security deluxe VS Norton premium and also get to know that how this both the antivirus solution of Norton is truly different from each other.

Plans of Norton Security Deluxe

Millions of users of Norton security deluxe because it offers one of the best plans and feature to you with an affordable rates. Here are the best plans of Norton Security Deluxe which is best for protect your device from any kind of virus or malware.

  1. It offers 75 GB Cloud Backup
  2. You also get password manager
  3. Parental control
  4. You will also get secure VPN for up to 5 devices
  5. Safecam5
  6. Price starting for whole year is RS: 3499/year


Plans of Norton premium 2021

It is the most demanded malware product of Norton and maximum people will have to use this. Here are the best plans and features of Norton Premium which tell you that why people choose it over Norton 360 deluxe?

  1. It offers 100 GB PC Cloud Backup
  2. Password manager
  3. Parental control
  4. Secure VPN for up to 10 devices
  5. Safecam5
  6. Price starting for whole year is RS: 5199/year.

So this are the best plans and features of both the antivirus products which Norton offers you. According the price, features and plans you can choose any of this antivirus products to secure your device.

Why people choose Norton premium over Norton 360 Deluxe?

The need of best antivirus is increase very fast because maximum people has face the problem of cyber threats and viruses in their device. They always want to secure their device with best antivirus and thus it is a great chance for you for choosing the best one among both of this. But whenever we talk about Norton premium and Norton 360 deluxe we get to know that Norton premium is more demanded as compare to Norton 360, it is because Norton premium offers more GB space as compare to Norton 360 deluxe. The price of Norton premium is higher than the price of Norton 360 but if you want high quality services then you will have to pay more. Nowadays people will attract towards and buy Norton premium because it is better as compare to Norton 360 and it with Norton premium you can used it up to 10 devices which is really good for you and for your security protection. So as according to us if you ever want to buy best antivirus security protection from Norton 360 and Norton premium then we suggest you to buy Norton premium and used its security protection in your device as like you want.