Norton antivirus pros and cons

Experience the Norton Antivirus!

Norton Antivirus is anti-virus or anti-malware software product. Norton is said to be one of the largest companies in the industry. Also, Norton Antivirus Rating is also so good, everyone likes it. This is the kind of company that comes out on top on the Internet when we talk about antivirus and it will always stay on top because of its best work. Everyone who uses Norton Antivirus is happy to use and has extended their planning time also. No customers have asked for money back from Norton, but all customers have asked for more time. Norton Mobile Security is the fastest and user-friendly that almost everyone is using.

Norton Antivirus Pros and Cons

Now we talk about Norton’s Pros and Cons, which is necessary for all of you to know. You all should know about Norton Antivirus Pros and Cons before taking it, so below, we tell you about its advantages and disadvantages through points. So first let’s talk about the benefits which Norton provides you to all.

Pros: –

  • Smaller Scans Time – Norton Antivirus has significantly shorter scan times. Other antiviruses often require too much time to scan for viruses or any other malicious software and if the drive storage is too large, it will take longer. But Norton Antivirus is not like others, it is somewhere and somehow different from others. It fastly scans your PC and didn’t take too much time in anything else too. Norton Antivirus Reviews are also very great and awesome.


  • Cloud-based security – Norton Antivirus addresses the issue of viruses from a cloud-based approach. Though, Norton Cloud-based security is loved by each and every one.


  • Not just an antivirus – Norton isn’t just an antivirus, but a malicious software protection program, a password manager, and has many other features. You can also perform online transactions securely by having Norton in your PC’s.


  • Modern UI – Norton is always updated with modern style UI. The UI is very accessible and easy to learn and use. You will be very pleased with how quickly you can access the program features with the Norton Modern UI.


Cons: –

  • Low subscription offers – If you have several options available, you can choose one that suits your needs and budget, and the Norton is best for that. Norton Antivirus Subscription is very low, easily anyone can avail its subscription.


  • Lack of tutorial – Cycling through the options given in the software to first time users is difficult. Appropriate tutorials should be used for software development. Norton Antivirus lacks proper tutorials that teach the proper use of the software.


  • Demand on resources – Norton is demanding on antivirus resources, antivirus software runs on the background and therefore occupies resources that make other software slower. The overall performance of the computer is also affected, making the computer sometimes slow.


  • Software Problems – Having Norton Antivirus in your system sometimes makes it very difficult to install some common and simple software. The antivirus refuses to install the software and you eventually either end the installation or disable the antivirus.


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