what is kaspersky internet security for android

What Is Kaspersky Internet Security For Android?

Kaspersky is not a new name in the world of antivirus software and the best internet security provider in the market. Usually, people use antivirus software or internet security for their PCs. But now the time is changing. More and more people are using mobile phones and tablets for all kinds of work, be it educational or professional. That is why we got Kaspersky Internet Security for Android Review for you. 

We all know that new and more advanced viruses and malware are emerging. This malware can easily get into your android, mobile, tablet, Pcs, etc. Through this malware and viruses, hackers can steal your precious data, breach your privacy, and get your bank/credit card details. 

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android protects your mobile and tablets from all types of harmful viruses, hackers, blocks suspicious apps and websites.

It has features like anti-theft tools, real-time protection, and machine learning tech to make your device safe and secure. 

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It is one of the top internet security for mobile in the market. But Norton and BitDefender’s  Mobile internet security are better than Kaspersky. 

Kaspersky Android App

Malware Protection & Detection

The AV-Test results report march 2020 of Kaspersky Internet Security for Android/Mobile devices are very good. 

Kaspersky’s protection against the latest android malware attacks in real-time is 100 per cent while the industry average is 98.5%. 

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The results of Kaspersky when it comes to detection of widespread android malware discovered in the last 4 weeks is also 100% while the industry average is 97.5%. 

The protection score of Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus is 6 out of 6 as you can see in this screenshot- 

best antvirus software app for android devices

These results are pretty amazing. So you don’t have to worry about malware protection and detection with Kaspersky Mobile Security. 

These are some latest results that we have provided you based on AV-Test Results. 


Now let’s check the performance of Kaspersky Antivirus for Android. Performance is checked based on the impact on your device, speed, the effect on battery life, etc. 

The AV-Test performance report gives Kaspersky full marks in all the relevant areas based on the latest march 2020 test reports. 

kaspersky protection from malware and hackers

It says that Kaspersky Antivirus for Mobile App does not affect the battery life of your device. It does not slow down your phone during normal usage. And it does not produce too much traffic. 

Here as you can see in this screenshot- 

Now you know that performance is also impressive on Kaspersky Internet Security for your android device. 

Usability/ False Alarm Test (AV-Test Results March 2020)

This test is about false warnings and false detection of antivirus software. 

Kaspersky got one false warning when installation and usage of legitimate apps from Google play store in March 2020. 

It got zero false warning when the installation of certain apps from third parties. While the industry average, in this case, is 1. 

The overall usability score of Kaspersky Antivirus for mobile is 5 out of 6 as you can see in this screenshot-

malware protection for android

So overall Usability performance of Kaspersky is not 100% but it is overall good compared to other antiviruses. 

Key Features Of Kaspersky Mobile Security


Kaspersky internet security for android protects your device from phishing websites and harmful SMS links. This is what secures user data and all types of your credentials details like passwords, bank or credit card details, etc. 


Your privacy is one of the major issues nowadays. And you must have internet security that respects your privacy and protects it all the time. Kaspersky Android Security protects your data all the time and also in the case when you have lost your device. 


The Kaspersky app is very simple and easy to use. The interface is very good. You can scan, change settings, understand features and functions very easily. 


You can scan manually the apps and devices for malware protection. And there is also automated scanning for apps and devices. So you don’t have to worry about viruses and harmful codes to get into your mobile devices. 

Android Wear

Kaspersky Antivirus App has support for android wear that simplifies security management. You can pair it with other devices like a watch. And get notifications and important alerts there to secure your devices. 

kaspersky antivirus for mobile review

App lock & Real-time protection

Kaspersky app protects your devices from viruses and malware in real-time. Which means it stops/halts the viruses before even entering into your mobile device. Kaspersky’s real-time protection viruses and malicious codes can’t get in. 

Kaspersky Internet Security for android also locks your important apps with its secret code. It hides your calls, text, passwords, etc from all the outside threats like malware and hackers. 

Call Blocker

This feature of Kaspersky app blocks calls from unknown or suspicious numbers. This is how you don’t have to waste your precious time picking up calls from irrelevant callers. 

Safe Browsing

Do safe and secure browsing with Kaspersky. Kaspersky antivirus for mobile makes the internet more secure for you by protecting you from malicious and harmful websites and phishing.  

Customer Support

Customer assistance and technical support are always one of the very important aspects of any service that you buy. On the basis of various online reviews, we can say that the customer support at Kaspersky is very good. They have customer services available for 24/7. 

If you come across any issue or want to ask anything then you can contact the Kaspersky support team via email, chat or phone. They respond fast and make all the possible efforts to solve your queries or problems. 

Pricing And Plans

Now let’s talk about the pricing and plans of Kaspersky Internet Security For Android. They have mainly two plans for mobile security. One is free with very good features. And the other is premium with all the premium features. The price of a premium plan is very affordable compared to another antivirus for mobiles like Norton or Bitdefender. 

best internet security for mobile and tabs

The Premium Plans start at 599 rupees. It has three main extra features, automatic scan, anti-phishing, and confidentiality. 

Our Verdict

Overall the Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is very good. You get a free plan and also the premium plan is affordable too. 

If you want more robust security then you should probably go for either Norton mobile security or BitDefender Mobile security. 

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