Is Norton Antivirus Good

Is Norton Antivirus good?

Are confused that is Norton Antivirus good? So here we will discuss some important things about the Norton Antivirus that help to understand about the Norton Antivirus.  To understand better, let’s take the look at the features of the Norton Antivirus.

Features of the Norton Antivirus

feature of Norton Antivirus

Norton has a large number of features and it uses advanced technology to protect the device from the virus. But Norton Antivirus just not protect you from the viruses but also gives you multiple benefits.

Anti-spyware, Antivirus, Malware & Ransomware

Do you know there is much malware that gathers your personal information and sends them to the hackers? Norton Antiviruses Protect you from these problems. It offers Anti-spyware, Antivirus, Malware & Ransomware Protection.

Protection from online threat

There are lots of online threats that are ready to attack your computer. But Norton has advanced technology who monitors the online threat all over the world. And that helps to stop the attacks.

Cloud Backup

You must keep Backup your pc because there is a possibility that the hard drive of your device could fail. Ransomware can encrypt the files and many things are there. So Norton offers 2GB cloud backup the pc.

Smart Firewall

Norton has a special feature that is Smart Firewall who monitors the traffic that you receive and sent when you were online. The main aim of this feature is to keep your financial information safe and secure.

Password Manager

When it comes to creat the online accounts. It’s necessary to create complex passwords at the same time remembering these passwords are also important. The feature of the password manager helps to create complex passwords and them into an online secure value. You can get your strong passwords very easily whenever you need it.

Virus Protection promise

If you have any confusion related to the Norton. So there is the guarantee that Norton offers to you. If you find any kind of virus that they can’t remove. So, after that, you will get your money back.

Pros and Cons of Norton Antivirus

Pros of Norton Antivirus

There are many pros of Norton Antivirus. I am going to represent some of them which I personally like and it will help you to understand that is Norton Antivirus good.

  • Fast Scan- There are many antivirus software who takes much time to scan the device. On the other hand, The Norton scans the device with fast speed. If you will see the scanning time of the competitors of the Norton then they take more time to scan the device in comparison to Norton.
  • More than Antivirus- Norton Antivirus is more than an antivirus. Here you will get a large number of advanced features like a password manager, smart firewall, cloud back up and many more. So you can secure your passwords, get the backup of your PC, and secure online transactions.
  • Modern UI- Norton has the modern style UI. This order style of UI is easy to learn. Anyone can easily use the software.
  • Tutorials- Norton Antivirus is easy to use but if you are facing any difficulty. So there are lots of FAQs and knowledge-based to understand it deeply. At the same time, there are lots of video tutorials on youtube. You can use them as well.

Cons of the Norton Antivirus

We have seen the Pros of the Norton Antivirus but as we all know that nothing is perfect in the world. Norton Antivirus has some cons as well.

  • Few subscriptions offer- It is better to have the many options so that you can easily choose according to your preferences. But Norton doesn’t offer lots of subscription offers. You will get the maximum benefits in one subscription.
  • Difficulty in Installing other software- If you have the Norton Antivirus then you will also face the problem while installing other software. Norton doesn’t allow to install some simple software in the device. You have to face this kind of problems If you are going to choose the Norton Antivirus.
  • Makes other software slow- Nortin antivirus requires more resources in the device that makes the other software of the device slow. It impacts the overall performance of the computer.
  • Expensive- Although Norton offers the advanced feature we can’t ignore that it is expensive as well. If you will see the price of the Norton Antivirus so it is cheaper than the Norton Antivirus.


So, is Norton Antivirus good? Well, in my opinion, Norton Antivirus is good software. Although it has some cons it’s a common thing with other antivirus software as well.

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