How Do I Remove a Trojan Virus from Windows 10

A trojan is a type of malware that is often disguised as legitimate software. Trojans can be employed by hackers trying to gain access to users’ systems. Users are generally tricked into loading and executing Trojans on their systems in some form of social engineering. A Trojan may have one or more destructive uses that make them dangerous. It is also important to realize that unlike viruses such as Trojans are not self-replicating and are only spread by users who accidentally download them, usually from an email attachment or visiting an infected site.

How do you know if you have a Trojan virus?

Many times the user does not even see if the link is good for them or not and he opens it and after that, the Trojan Virus gets inside his computer which then makes the user very upset. They can only work through programs. If you have Internet access enabled and activated, a Trojan that you have already installed without your knowledge can activate and send data back to the hacker via an unused port without your knowledge. Here are some of the symptoms through which you will get to know about entering of Trojan virus into your PC.

Your computer would be slow down when there is such type of thing entered into your computer. There is something blue screen of death and Funny pop-up comes. There are also unrecognized add-ons and plugins and applications acting strange. There will be an insufficient memory shown in your computer, whenever the Trojan virus comes to your PC.


It’s best to use a Trojan remover that can detect and remove any Trojans on your device. The best, free Trojan remover is included in any of the Antivirus Company. When removing Trojans manually, be sure to remove any programs from your computer that are affiliated with the Trojan. There is not even a single threat that should be left when you can scan your computer. However, it might be left then it would definitely harm your files or data again and you will face problems running your computer all the time. Trojan Virus is such type of virus at this time that most of the people are having in their computer. They don’t know how it entered, but they have it.

How to remove the Trojan virus from Windows 10?

To remove the Trojan virus from your Windows 10, all you need to do is follow these simple steps.

  • Step 1: Press the Windows Start icon, find the Windows Defender Security Center, and click on it.
  • Step 2: Press the menu icon at the top left, and then Virus and Threat Protection.
  • Step 3: Choose Advanced Scan, and see Full Scan.
  • Step 4: Click on Scan Now, and the Threat Scan will begin.

Or you can remove Trojan Virus from your computer through this process – 1.Use Rkill to terminate suspicious programs. 2. Use Malwarebytes Free to remove Trojans and adware. 3. Use HitmanPro to remove Spyware and other Malware. 4. Use Zemana AntiMalware Free to remove browser hijackers and redirects.

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