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PDFElement Free Alternatives 2023 – 10 Sites Like PDFelement

PDFelement basically a utility software that helps in editing and creating PDF files. [You can check out a detailed PDFelement review to know about it]. You can also convert as well as annotate your PDFs with the help of this software.  This application allows easy conversion of complex PDF files to word, excel, PowerPoint, etc. However, PDFelement is not free that’s why many people look for PDFelement free alternatives. That’s why here we will tell you about the top free alternatives to PDFelement. But before that, let’s know some other reasons too why people look for programs like PDFelement.

Why Are Users Looking For Free Alternatives Of PDFelement? 

Many users look up for free PDFelement alternatives because there are many features available for the paid license only. Even though it offers, PDFelement coupon code to its users, many users are trying to find its alterantive. Also, in freeware, only limited editing features are available to users. That’s why many people are constantly considering searching for substitutes for this software. There can be hundreds of alternatives available across the internet for this software. But here we have mentioned the best 5 free alternatives to PDFelement.

5 Best Free PDFelement Alternatives In 2023

5 Free Software like PDFelement

We have compiled a list of the best alternatives available for PDF elements. These alternatives will help you to use almost every feature of PDFelement for free.


NitroPro is one of the best free alternatives best free alternatives to PDFelement. This is an application having the capability of editing, secure PDF files, and digital files. NitroPro was founded by Nitro Software in Australia by three founders. The company reported 1 million copies were sold in 2015. The licensed version works on any platform and you can access it. When you are having a license. 

What Are The Features And Prices Of NitroPro11? 

  • Probably its biggest strength is that it’s simple to use. To help you get the most out of Nitro Pro 11, they have built in a robust help center with several tutorials. Also created a thriving online community of Nitro Pro 11 users.
  • The program is quite fast. It’s fast to get started and learn, but it’s also fast in terms of performance.
  • Better OCR performance, Many believe Nitro Pro 11 to be a genuine rival to PDFelement because of its improved OCR quality.
  • Compared to other similar products, Nitro Pro 11 is a superb value for the money. $79-$130 is the range of price of the plan for lifetime membership. 

Why Should You Choose NitroPro11 over PDFelement? ? 

  • Very Cost Effective it is PDF Element costs $180 while this is affordable you can get it in $130. It will save a ton of money as well. 
  • It has the Best OCR facilities available than other applications as well. 
  • NitroPro 11 is easy to use compared to PDF element software. 

With these amazing features Nitro11 Pro is one of the best PDFelement alternative that you can use instead of it.

Adobe Acrobat

The another PDFelement free alternative on our list is Adobe Acrobat. This software helps in creating, viewing, and editing Portable Document Format (PDF) documents is the primary function of Acrobat. It can open and save files in a wide range of formats, including PDF. As well as scans, webpages and clipboard content can also be loaded. However, due to the nature of PDFs, they cannot be altered once they have been created. It is not necessary to repaginate a document in order to accommodate longer or shorter papers, despite the fact that Adobe Acrobat can change the content of paragraphs and images. Some of Acrobat’s functions include the ability to crop PDF pages, reorganize them, change hyperlinks, add comments and redactions, digitally sign a PDF file, and ensure compliance with such standards as well. 

What Are The Features and prices of Adobe Acrobat? 

  • Create a single PDF from numerous files of various types, such as photos, Word documents, or other PDFs.
  • Sections of a PDF can be extracted and used separately, while files or pages can be inserted into an existing PDF.
  • To make it easier to distribute and read a PDF, divide it into discrete chapters. Portfolios of various assets (including photographs, videos, and documents) can be used to create a spectacular presentation.
  • Touch-enabled devices can be used to work and save and exchange files online.
  • Using a computer or a mobile device, you may quickly fill out, sign, and send forms
  • Adobe Acrobat is free to use software but Adobe Standard DC and Adobe Pro DC are paid version charges annually for $166 and $192 respectively. 

Why choose Adobe Acrobat over PDFelement? 

  • The most reliable and trustworthy brand is Adobe and known from many decades for media software. 
  • Adobe Acrobat is available for free as well which has many features which even PDFelement lags. 
  • The user interface is really simple and crisp of Adobe compared to other software. 

Iceni Infix

With the Iceni Technology Infix PDF Editor Pro, you may edit and reformat text (even in multiple columns) as well as graphics, photographs, and entire pages in any PDF file.

There is no need for the original document and the sources used in it in order to update PDF newsletters, brochures, manuals, etc.

In addition, the comprehensive search and replace feature allows you to replace specific parts (header-and footer, for example). As a standard word processor, Infix is simple to use. With this tool, you can change text, fonts, and pictures in a matter of seconds.

You are free to alter the written material in any way you choose with this PDFelement alternative. Your text will be appropriately reflowed and formatted when you use Infix. OCR, Forms Creation, Header & Footer, Bates numbering, Translation, OCR, and In-Depth Find & Replace  PDF real time issues can be fixed with Infix’s powerful features. 

What are the features and prices of Iceni Infix? 

  • All text in a PDF can be edited, including fonts, sizes, and colors.
  • Perform a search and replace operation throughout the entire text of your PDF.
  • Even if you have a lot of PDFs, you can search them all.
  • 15 different languages are available to check the spelling of your work.
  • Use the Infix printer to create a PDF out of any document.
  • Forms created by others can be edited, or you can build your own interactive forms of pdf.
  • Confidently know that sensitive information can be permanently locked away from the public.
  • Images, bookmarks, and hyperlinks can all be included in the online format of a converted PDF, not forgetting to add comments, marks, shapes, and highlighted text.
  • Get a look at every single one of the comments.
  • Ensure that all PDFs and PDF portfolios have the same cross-document numbering.
  • Include headers and footers in your design as well.

Why choose Infix over PDFelement? 

  • It is cheaper just $99 and you will get one year of support and upgrades as well. 
  • You can search and replace operations throughout the entire text of your PDF.
  • If you have a lot of PDFs, you can search them all easily. 


PDF Sam is an interactive pdf software which was created one year ago and the best part is that it’s open source which means it’s free to use and as well as free to develop without any license or copyright issues. It hosts many features in 

What are the features and prices of  PDFSam?

PDFSam Basic has many features like merge, split, mix, rotation, extract, etc. While the PDFSam Enhanced contents features such as:- View, create, convert, edit, insert, comment, form, ocr, secure, etc. The price of this software is completely free. 

Is PDFsam a good alternative to PDFelement? 

The main factor is that it’s completely free and hosts many features which many software may fail to offer even after paying hundreds of dollars. 

The PDFsam enhanced features which even PDFelement won’t be able to offer any day soon. 

Master PDF Editor 

Master PDF Editor is a PDF document editor and viewer in one. It’s free to download and use. To edit or remove document content, as well as produce, comment on and sign PDF files is possible with this software. Using Master PDF Editor, you may create PDF files that meet the requirements of the latest version of the PDF specification. One of the greatest PDF editors is Master PDF Editor, which has a wide range of features for working with PDF files. 

What are the features and prices of the Master PDF Editor?

This software costs $86 which is an average price while some of the most common features are available in this software such as:- Open/View/Edit PDF, Create, Protection of PDF files, Copy PDF, Edit property or pages, Creating of PDF forms, etc. 

Why is Master PDF Editor the best alternative to PDFelement? 

  • The price of the software is very affordable. 
  • The software possesses much more than the PDF element even though it has a medium level of features. 
  • The software is easy to use and not complex like PDFelement as well. 

Conclusion:  PDFElement Free Alternatives

These are the top free alternatives to PDFelement that you can use in place of this software to edit or create portable document formats. All of them are also trusted and you can use them without any worry. With them, you can do a lot of things with your PDFs. But in case, if you want to access the advanced features then it is suggested to use the paid version of PDFelement.

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