Remove Trojan.Ransomlock!g7 – Learn the Easy Way to Remove Trojan.Ransomlock!g7

Computer gets infected with Trojan.Ransomlock!g7 but do not know how to remove it easily and effectively? Don’t Worry. Here we will provide the easy way to get rid of this annoying infection from your computer permanently.
Trojan.Ransomlock!g7 is a type of Trojan horse that hides in the infected computer and performs harmful activities for malicious purposes. Usually, it gets the access to your computer by means of malicious websites and links, spam email attachments, free software downloads or p2p sharing networks, etc. Once installed, it can make your system locked by downloading vicious ransomwares like FBI MoneyPak and FBI Green Dot Moneypak onto your infected computer. As a result, you will be required to pay a sum of money to unlock your computer. Besides, this pesky Trojan horse can block the firewall, disable your antivirus programs, modify the system settings and add malicious files and registry entries to your C drive and Windows registry respectively and so on. What’s more, it can gather and steal your private information such as the username and password of your online banking account and then send to the remote hackers. In word, Trojan.Ransomlock!g7 is a very dangerous computer infection that is worth of your high attention.

Tips To Lower the Risk of Infection

You should keep updating your operating system to fix weaknesses in your system.
You should keep updating the antivirus programs to safeguard your computer from attacks.
You should avoid downloading spam email attachments, freeware and shareware from unsafe sources.
You should not visit malicious websites, click on malicious links and popup ads and so forth.

Note: The manual removal is a complicated and risky task which should only be attempted by advanced computer users. If you are less-experienced in computer operation, please download and use a powerful removal tool to remove the Trojan horse right now.


How to Manually Remove Trojan.Ransomlock!g7

If you are expert at computer, you can manually remove this malicious Trojan horse by following the given steps:

Step 1: You should make your infected computer get into the Safe Mode with Networking.
If your computer is on, you should restart it and press the key F8 continuously when it starts loading. As the Windows menu comes up, you should select the “Safe Mode with Networking” option and press Enter.
Step 2: Open the Windows Task Manager and stop all processes related to Trojan.Ransomlock!g7.
Press CTRL+ALT+DEL together and open the Windows Task Manager. In the “Processes”, find out the malicious processes and stop them with the “End Process” button.
Step 3: Go into the C drive and delete files of the Trojan horse.
Open My Computer and navigate to the C drive. Then you need to search for and delete the malicious files as follows:
Local hard Disk C
%Documents and Settings%\[UserName]\Application Data\[random].exe
%Documents and Settings%\[UserName]\Desktop\[random].lnk

Step 4: Open the Registry Editor and remove all registry entries infected or created byTrojan.Ransomlock!g7.
Click on the Start menu and select Run. Type “regedit” in the dialog box and press Enter to open the Registry Editor. Then you should remove the following malicious registry entries:
delete_registry entry

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\”Shell” = “[random].exe”
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\[Trojan horse name]IEHelper.DnsGuardCurver
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\[Trojan horse name]IEHelper.DnsGuardCLSID
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\[Trojan horse name]IEHelper.DnsGuard
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\[Trojan horse name]IEHelper.DnsGuard.1
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar “[Trojan horse name]”

Step 5: After you complete the steps above, restart your computer in normal mode.

How to Automatically RemoveTrojan.Ransomlock!g7

It is the best way to perform an automatic removal of the Trojan horse, supposing that you a novice user and cannot handle the manual removal by yourself. To do so, you can follow the given steps:
Step 1: Restart your computer and enter the Safe Mode with Networking.
Step 2: Download a professional removal tool onto your computer and install it by following the wizard.
Step 3: Launch the removal tool and perform a full system scan to detect the malicious Trojan horse and other relevant infections.
Step 4: Check the scan result and then click the “Remove” button to completely get rid of all detected threats from your computer.
Step 5: Restart your computer back to normal mode.

Tips: (1) If you find that your computer is unfortunately infected with this dangerous Trojan horse, it is advised that you first unplug the modem and stay offline, which could prevent the Trojan horse from downloading other threats onto your computer. (2) If infected, you can turn off your infected computer to stop the Trojan horse from running and performing malicious activities inside your computer, and then find another computer to search for the effective solution to the infection.

Notes: If you have no enough computer skills and consider the manual removal of Trojan horse.Ransomlock!g7 as a difficult task, it is highly recommended to download an automatic removal tool to help you perform the removal. It is absolute that this method is simpler, safer and more effective comparing with the manual method.

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