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I surf the Internet searching for some solutions for my computer in forum this noon, and I find one hot topic about adware, which may be helpful for other users. His problem as below:

“I have had some adware on chrome called where it would redirect me to another search engine. It has stopped for now but is it okay to just leave it? Also all the programs I pinned onto the taskbar automatically unpin themselves every time I turn on my pc.”

If you don’t pay attention to the adware, you may suffer from it. Please have a look at figures as follow:


From the picture, we can see that from the last three months of 2015, many countries came across the Internet traffic, among them America and Europe are the worst. With Internet developing, Computer users have to face a mass of computer threats such as worm, Trojan, spyware, adware, ransomware and so on, among them adware takes up the biggest portion. A picture shows you below:


How Much about Do You Know?

Being an adware, is such one software that it always displays advertising banners or pop-up ads to interfere with program running. Though it is not a malicious program, it can do some harmful activities which threaten your personal information security.

> It redirects your search results to its websites without any permission, and its sites may be full of suspicious links.

> It collects your search behaviors and displays you various related contents or links, so you are attracted to visit its sites.

> It deceives those who like shopping on line into purchasing its fake products.

How Does Works?

infection 1


infection 2


infection 3

① Users download and install packaged as a free application on their computers.

② com adware displays a series of pop-up ads and offers to computer screen.

③ adware lures consumers into purchasing fake products, so its creators can earn money from victims.

What Is Mevade Infection Chain?

infection chain

Mevade Infection Chain is consist of three component, which are a fake program, long-distance service and cyber criminals. The three parts are independent while they cooperate with each other to fulfill the whole task.

How about Tendency?


Based on the chart, attacks more and more computers. From 2007 to 2014, the whole tendency of increases year after year. To sum up, it is necessary to take immediate actions to remove totally from infected web browsers. We provide both automatic removal and manual removal for your reference. Removal Tips

  1. Automatic removal by professional removal tool.

  2. Step by step to delete the adware.

Automatic Removal

Option 1: Use SpyHunter. (Recommend)

recommended SpyHunter

1.Click the button as follow to download SpyHunter on your computer first.


2.Click “Save File” to download SpyHunter-Installer.exe on your computer, further click “Run”.

download SpyHunter-Installer.exe


3. Keep in mind that do not click the “Cancel” button, otherwise you have to repeat those steps as above.

update system

4. After SpyHunter downloads finish, run the Setup process to pop to the License Agreement. Just click “I accept the license agreement”, then “Next” button.

accept agreement

5.Click “Finish” to close the installation process.

install finish

  1. SpyHunter will spend few minutes to initialize files automatically.


  1. Select a homepage and which one is up to you, you can just click the optional buttons as picture. SpyHunter will automatically download updated version from official website, so just wait for it and do not click “Cancel”, or some latest viruses may keep away from detection.


version 2

8.Click “Scan Computer Now!” to fully scan your computer system to find out any suspicious programs.

scan computer now

  1. You will receive a message from the Internet, and you are recommended to click “Continue”.

FF-information10. It will take some time for SpyHunter to fully scan your system. The more files in your system, the longer the scanning process needs.

scanning files11. Some threats are detected from your system.

scan files

  1. Click “Fix Threats” to get rid of any unwanted programs from your computer.

fix threat

Option 2: Use Malwarebyters.


Malwarebytes is also a professional removal tool which can help users detect where the threat is, and further remove it out of computer. Besides, it also figures out other potential threats from infected computer and delete them. If users update it regularly, it can protect your computer all the time.

1.First of all download Malwarebytes on your computer.


2.Click “Save File” to finish downloading Malwarebytes on your computer.

download3. Click “Run” button to activate Malwarebytes.

run4. Select a language.


5. Click “Next” to continue the setup.


6. License Agreement will pop up, and light up “I accept the agreement”, then click “Next”.


7. Read more information and go on installing by clicking “Next”.


8. Select a location according to your preference and click “Next”.


9. Choose a start menu folder and click “Next”.

select menu folder

10. If you would like to create a desktop icon please tick it and click “Next”.

additional tasks

11. Make sure its location and start menu folder, then click “Install” button, do not click the “Cancel” button.



12. Tick the two options as below and click “Finish” button.

install finish

13. Click “Scan Now” to totally scan your system.

scan now

threats scan 2

14. Select unwanted programs from the detected list and click “Delete All” button.

delete all

Manual Removal

Step 1: Press Ctrl + Alt + Del together to pop up Windows Task Manager, then click “End Task” to eliminate any relevant processes.

Windowns Task Manager

Step 2: Remove all unwanted programs related the adware.

*Windows 7 or Windows Vista:

1.Click the Start button to find out Control Panel, and click Control Panel.

start-control panel

2.Do confirm that you are in category view from Control Panel.

category in view

3.Click “Uninstall a Program”.

uninstall a program

uninstall or change a program

4.Look for the adware or related files, click “Uninstall” from the list to get rid of these programs.


*Windows XP:

1.Click “Start” button to search for “Control Panel” and click it.

start-control panel

2.Hit Switch button to navigate to category view.

control panel menu

3.Click “Add or Remove Programs”.

add or remove programs

4.Make sure all related files and click “Change or Remove Programs” to find out any unwanted programs and click “Remove” button.


*Windows 8:

1.Press Windows key and R key from the keyboard.

Windowns and R

2.Input “Control Panel” and it appears on the left.

input control panel

3.Navigate to “Uninstall a Program”.

uninstall a program

4.Based on the list, find out any related unwanted files and click “Uninstall” to delete them from your computer.


Step 3: Figure out all files which you want to delete from C drive.

Step 4: Press windows and R keys then input “regedit” into Run box to open the registry editor, then look for any files related to the adware, remove them all finally.

Windowns plus R

type regedit

delete files

Step 5: Remove all suspicious add-ons and extensions.




1.Click the gear icon on the right top of the menu to find out “Manage add-ons”.

tools and manage add ons

2.Search for all add-ons associated with the adware from “Toolbars and Extensions”, lighten them then click “Disable” button.

toolbars and extensions





1.Click three bar icon on the right top of the menu to find out Tools and Extensions.


2.Find out any related extensions to the adware and click to remove them.







1.Click three bar icon on the right top of the menu and further click Add-ons or just press Ctrl + Shift + A keys.

tools-add ons

2.Look for any add-ons related to the adware from “Plugins” menu, click “Never Activate” to disable or remove them. Besides, click “Extensions” to search for any potential malicious add-ons and remove them.



remove from extensions


The following video offers a complete guide for adware removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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