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Recently I noticed a strange phenomenon that whenever I do some searching with my Web browsers the search results are always redirected to a particular website Why this happens and how can I get rid of it? Redirect Virus
As a computer user, you may also confront with the situation as described above. This happens due to the fact that redirect virus infects your computer and keeps redirecting your browsers by modifying the browser settings and DNS settings. To get rid of this problem, you should find out an effective solution to eliminate this harmful redirect virus from your computer. redirect virus is a classified as a malicious browser redirect virus that will redirect (hijack) your browsers to a particular website for commercial purposes. It often comes bundled with infected software downloaded from unsafe websites. Of course, it can also be distributed via spam emails, pornographic websites, malicious links, and removable devices and so forth. With this redirect virus inside, your computer will show some weird symptoms, the most obvious of which is that your browsers keeps being redirected to unsolicited websites like It may annoy you very much for this redirection may greatly affect your computer performance. Moreover, this redirect virus can even steal your financial information by monitoring your online activities and collects your search terms. It sounds terrible, right? Therefore, it is strongly suggested that you take immediate actions to get rid of redirect virus from your computer without any delay.

Note: The manual removal is a complicated and risky task which should only be attempted by advanced computer users. If you are less-experienced in computer operation, please download and use a powerful removal tool to remove the redirect virus right now.


Removal Guides:

You can either try the manual removal method or the automatic removal method. But note that the manual removal is not an easy task if you have no sufficient computer skills. If you want to safely get rid of this threat, we highly suggest the automatic removal method.

Step 1: Press keys Ctrl+ Alt+ Del at the same time to open the Windows Task Manager. Go to “Processes” and tick “Show processes from all users”. Search for the processes relevant to the redirect virus and terminate all of them using the “End Process” button.

Step 2: Click Start, select Control Panel, and then double-click on Add or Remove Programs. In the “Currently installed programs” list, search for any programs related to redirect virus, click on them and then click the Remove button to remove them.
Add or Remove-Programs-XP
Step 3: Double-click on the icon of My Computer to open it. Navigate to the local hard disk C. Locate the folders and files listed below and delete all of them from your computer.
Local hard Disk C

Step 4: Click on “Start” and then “Run”. Input “regedit” into the dialog box and click OK. Search for and delete the registry entries related to the redirect virus as follows:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System “DisableRegedit” = “”.exe.dll
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID{99079a25-328f-4bd4-be04-00955acaa0a7}InprocServer32 aa0a7}InprocServer32 “C:PROGRA~1WINDOW~4ToolBar[trojan name]dtx.dll”
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ClassesCLSID{A40DC6C5-79D0-4ca8-A185-8FF989AF1115}VersionIndependentProgID “[trojan name]IEHelper.UrlHelper”
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ClassesCLSID{A40DC6C5-79D0-4ca8-A185-8FF989AF1115} “UrlHelper Class”

Step 5: Remove/disable any add-ons related to redirect virus.

Internet Explorer
Click Tools and select Manage add-ons.
On the Toolbars and Extensions tab, search for any add-ons related to the redirect virus and disable them.
Google Chrome
Click on the Wrench or 3 bar icon next to the address bar and navigate to Tools > Extensions.
Locate the extensions related to the redirect virus and remove them by clicking the trashcan icon next to them.
Mozilla Firefox
Click Tools and select Add-ons.
On the Extensions and Plugins tabs, search for any add-ons related to the redirect virus and remove/disable them.
Manual removing redirect virus is not fit for everyone for this method would take risk of damaging your system. If you are a novice user and not familiar with the process of removing the malicious files and registry entries, it is strongly suggested that you apply to the automatic method, namely, using a powerful removal tool. There are many removal tools which serve to remove all kinds of malware including redirect viruses available on the Internet. You just need to download and install a powerful removal tool onto your computer. With a reliable removal tool, you can easily get rid of redirect virus together with other related threats from your computer within only a few clicks.

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