How to Safely Remove XP Security Suite 2013 from Your PC

XP Security Suite 2013 gets installed onto your computer and creates chaos in it? Cannot remove this fake security program through Windows uninstall feature? You even fail to get rid of this annoying infection by using your antivirus programs? The removal guide in this article will help you remove XP Security Suite 2013 completely.

If your computer is attacked by the fake security program, you will frequently receive system scan results as shown below:

XP Security Suite 2013

Description of the Threat

XP Security Suite 2013 is detected as a rogue program that displays fake system scan results in order to frighten the innocent PC users into buying its full version to remove the non-existent infections. This rogue program is not only designed to try and trick you into making a purchase using your credit card, but also attempt to damage or disrupt your computer system. It often appears in the form of a legitimate security tool, warning you that there are a number of threats like viruses, Trojan horses and worms on your computer and that this security tool has detected those threats. To effectively remove them you must download and buy the full version of the security software immediately. It’s important to know that by purchasing the so-called full version to remove the “detected threats”, you will be submitting your confidential information like credit card numbers and passwords to the unscrupulous hackers and may also end up being a victim of credit card or identity fraud or theft. So, what you need to do is not to purchase the fake security tool to get rid of the non-existent infections, but to remove XP Security Suite 2013 – the real threat from your computer as soon as possible.

How Does the Rogue Program Spread and Harm Your PC

Usually, this rogue program spreads on the Internet and slips into your computer mainly through email attachments, but it may also be downloaded onto your machine through social website links (such as Facebook and Twitter) or other seemingly legitimate programs (like Adobe Flash Player). Besides, this rogue program can be distributed by a Trojan horse which disguises itself as: an image or document file attached to an email; software shared on peer-to-peer networks; multimedia codec required to play a certain video; or a browser toolbar or plug-in.

Once XP Security Suite 2013 is downloaded, it attaches to the operating system on your computer and makes itself appear to be a legitimate security tool. Then it begins to perform its payloads inside your computer:

1. It displays fraudulent system scan results, aiming to lure you into a fraudulent transaction, namely, buying its non-existent full version.
2. It tries to steal your personal information like usernames and passwords.
3. It installs other malware like spyware, virus, and adware onto your computer.
4. It disables Windows updates or disables updates to legitimate antivirus software.
5. It blocks you from visiting antivirus vendor websites.
6. It damages or corrupts files in your computer and slow your computer performance.

Note: The manual removal is a complicated and risky task which should only be attempted by advanced computer users. If you are less-experienced in computer operation, please download and use a powerful removal tool to remove the rogue program right now.


Guide to Manually Remove XP Security Suite 2013

Note: This manual removal guide is only for users who have sufficient computer knowledge and skills. Novice users should not attempt the manual removal, for any mistakes could lead to irretrievable damage to the computer system.

Step 1: Reboot your computer. When it starts to load, you should press the key F8 constantly. When the Windows menu shows up, highlight “Safe Mode with Networking” and press Enter.
safe-mode-with networking
Step 2: Press CTRL+ALT+DEL together and open the Windows Task Manager. Select “Processes” and scroll down to find out the processes related to XP Security Suite 2013. Then, you should terminate the malicious processes using the “End Process” button immediately.
Step 3: Click Start menu and select “Control Panel”. Open “Folder Options” and click the “View” tab. Tick “Show hidden files and folders”, non-tick “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)” and then click OK. This will show all hidden files and folders.
Step 4: Go to My Computer and open the local hard disk C. Delete the files related to the fake program as follows:
Local hard Disk C

Step 5: Click Start-Run. Type “regedit” into the command box and press Enter. Then the Registry Editor will be opened. Search for and eliminate registry entries related to the rogue program as follows:
delete_registry entry
“EnableShellExecuteHooks”= 1 (0×1)

Step 6: Reboot your computer as you finish the steps above.


XP Security Suite 2013 is malicious software that appears to be a beneficial security tool, actually but provides no security function and constantly generates misleading system alerts, in order to lure users into purchasing its paid version. If you find that your computer has been infected by this rogue program, you should quickly get rid of it so as to avoid unwanted damage. Above we have introduced the guide to manually remove this threat; however, if you find it fail to remove it for some unknown reason, you can try removing this fake program by using an automatic removal tool. Download an advanced removal tool and use it to scan your entire system and then forcefully clean up XP Security Suite 2013 from your computer now. A removal tool designed with advanced scanning algorithm and features will enable you to remove the fake program together with other related infections from your computer in only a few minutes.

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