Guide to Easily Remove BrowserModifier.Httper Redirect Virus

BrowserModifier.Httper redirect virus hijacks your browsers to undesirable websites? Have trouble in getting rid of this pesky thing from your computer? Want to find an effective way to cope with this computer infection? The removal guide given in this post will help you easily and effectively remove BrowserModifier.Httper redirect virus out of your computer from instantly.

Know about the Threat

BrowserModifier.Httper redirect virus is a dangerous browser hijacker virus that belongs to the Win32/Cutwail family. It can also be detected on your computer with the name of W32/Httper.A or BrowserModifier:Win32/Httper. This redirect virus usually slips into a targeted computer through spam email attachments, malicious websites, drive-by-downloads, encrypted software and suspicious links, etc. Once your computer gets infected by this redirect virus, you will notice that your browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are always hijacked to unwanted websites, in that this redirect virus is able to change the browsers’ settings and DNS settings without any knowledge and permission. Besides, you will receive a number of annoying popup ads on the web pages you are viewing. This is because that this redirect virus is relevant to adware and it can generate numerous advertisement pop-ups no matter you like to see them or not. If you think this redirect virus will simply hijack your browsers and pop up ads, then you are wrong. BrowserModifier.Httper redirect virus, which contains malicious codes, can perform various malicious activities inside your computer and causes many unwanted problems. The following is a list of the harmful activities carried out by the vicious redirect virus:

1. Make changes to your system settings and add malicious registry entries.
2. Delete, overwrite or hide important system files.
3. Modify browsers’ settings, DNS settings and host files to corrupt your browsers.
4. Download malicious web browser components and some other dangerous malware onto your computer.
5. Trace your browsing history, collect important data together with confidential information and communicate with the remote hackers.

Note: The manual removal is a complicated and risky task which should only be attempted by advanced computer users. If you are less-experienced in computer operation, please download and use a powerful removal tool to remove the redirect virus right now.


How-to-Remove Guide

The harmful activities performed by BrowserModifier.Httper redirect virus can result in many serious problems such as slow computer speed, instable and insecure system, failure of accessing the targeted websites, and even personal information theft. So, it is highly recommended that you immediately remove this infection from your operating system. Please follow the several steps to perform the removal.

Step 1: Press Ctrl+ Alt+ Del together to open the Windows Task manager. Under the “Processes” tab, search for any malicious processes (usually, they are named randomly and take up high CPU usage) and kill all of them by selecting them and clicking on the “End Process” button.
Step 2: Delete the files related to the redirect virus. Generally, those malicious files are located in the C drive.
local C
%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\.dll
%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\.exe

Step 3: Click on the Start menu, type “regedit” in the search bar and press Enter. This will open the Registry Editor. You have to find out and delete the register entries associated with BrowserModifier.Httper redirect virus.
type regedit_win7
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\[random]
HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\[random]

Step 4: Remove/disable any add-ons related to the redirect virus from the infected browsers.

Internet Explorer:
Run the IE browser. Click on “Tools” and select “Manage add-ons”. On “Toolbars and Extensions”, find out and disable any suspicious add-ons.

Google Chrome:
Open the Chrome browser. Click on the Wrench icon or 3-bar icon, select “Tools” and navigate to “Extensions”. On “Extensions”, find out and delete any unknown extensions.
Mozilla Firefox:
Launch the Firefox browser. Click on “Tools” and select “Add-ons”. On “Extensions” and “Plugins”, look for and remove/disable any suspicious add-ons.


BrowserModifier.Httper redirect virus is a dangerous threat which should be removed quickly. It often penetrates into your computer without any permission. By modifying the browser settings, DNS settings and even the host file, this redirect virus can fully take control over your browsers. Being a victim of this infection, you will constantly get numerous pesky ads, fake PC problem alerts, and always are forced to visit some unknown websites. If this threat is not removed timely, other dangerous threats such as rogue program, adware, Trojan viruses and worm will be dropped onto the compromised system and further damage it. In order to protect your computer, we recommend you to immediately get rid of this redirect virus as well as other related threats from your machine. We have introduced the manual removal guide above and you can take the steps to remove it. But before you start the removal, you’d better back up your registry in case that any mistakes occur during the removal process. NOTE that if you are a novice user, we highly recommend that you use an automatic removal tool to perform the removal of BrowserModifier.Httper redirect virus instead. A good removal tool can automatically detect out and clean up all threats on your computer without causing any system damage. Have problems in removing the redirect virus with your antivirus programs? Feel it difficult for you to manually remove this threat? Download a professional removal tool and use it to easily and completely remove it immediately!

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