Guide to Delete VirTool: Win32/Obfuscator.ABX Completely

Has VirTool: Win32/Obfuscator.ABX infected your computer? Recently many PC users in Russia and China complain that their computers have encountered this threat and most of them are at a loss how to get rid of it from their computers. If you are one among the PC users who have difficulty in dealing with this infection, then you can read through this post which provides the guide to remove VirTool: Win32/Obfuscator.ABX from the infected computer.


Information about the Threat

VirTool: Win32/Obfuscator.ABX is first detected by Microsoft Antivirus Engine and it is reported that this virus has infects numerous computers whose users locate Russia and China. It belongs to the family of Win32/Obfuscator and has other variants like VirTool: Win32/Obfuscator.AAX. As we all know that, most of viruses are created for malicious purposes, especially for making money. And VirTool: Win32/Obfuscator.ABX is no exception. It is released by rogue hackers mainly to mess up a targeted computer system and then steal the confidential information like credit card details of the infected user. This threat has been “obfuscated”, which means it has tried to hide its purpose so your antivirus program doesn’t detect it when it enters your computer.

How the Virus Enters Your Computer?

Basically speaking, VirTool: Win32/Obfuscator.ABX can enter your computer by exploiting system security holes and network vulnerabilities. If you have no any antivirus programs safeguard your computer or your antivirus programs have not been updated for long time, it is easy to be attacked by various threats from the online world. Besides, improper online activities may also bring all kinds of infections. Here is a short list of improper online activities:

Visiting malicious websites like porn websites
Clicking on suspicious links and popping up ads
Downloading spam email attachments
Downloading sharing files in P2P networks
Downloading freeware or shareware from trustless sites

Consequences Brought by the Virus

Slow PC performance
Slow internet connection
Browser redirection
Modification in system settings
Registry files corruption
Changes in default homepage
Annoying useless ad pop ups
System crash or freezing
More threats being downloaded
Private information being stolen

Note: The manual removal is a complicated and risky task which should only be attempted by advanced computer users. If you are less-experienced in computer operation, please download and use a powerful removal tool to remove the virus right now.


Guide to Remove VirTool: Win32/Obfuscator.ABX

Method 1: Manually remove the virus.

Step 1: You should disable the System Restore feature on your computer. If you do not do so, the virus is likely to infect your System Restore points, which can cause your computer to get infected again and again, even after you have successfully removed the virus. Follow the steps below:

1. Right-click on “My Computer” and select the “Properties” option.
click properties
2. In the System Properties dialog box, click the “System Restore” tab.
3. Then click on “Turn Off System Restore on all drives”.
4. Confirm and close by clicking “Apply” and then “OK”.

Step 2: Click on the “Start” button and select Control Panel. Double click the Add or Remove Programs icon. Then you will see a list of all programs installed on your system. Look for programs related to the virus and select the Remove option.

Add or Remove-Programs-XP

Step 3: Locate the malicious files listed below and delete them from your computer.


Step 4: Open the Registry Editor by clicking “Run” from the Start menu, typing “regedit” in the dialog box and pressing Enter. Then search for the registry entries associated with VirTool: Win32/Obfuscator.ABX and remove them all.

regedit editor

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System ‘DisableTaskMgr’ = ’1′

Step 5: Reboot your computer back to the normal mode, which will complete the changes.

Method 2: Automatically remove the virus.

There is another easier and more effective method to get rid of VirTool: Win32/Obfuscator.ABX. If you find the manual removal complicated or turn out to be a failure, it is suggested that you adopt the automatic method – using an excellent removal tool.

Step 1: Restart the computer. As the monitor first lights up, please tap the “F8” key repeatedly. When the Windows menu shows up, use the arrow keys to select “Safe Mode with Networking”. Press “Enter” key on the keyboard.

Step 2: Download and install a removal tool on your computer. Then run it to perform a full system scan by selecting “Full System Scan”. Then wait for the scan to end.

Step 3: After the scanning is over, you will be displayed a list of identified threats. Review the scan results, select all malicious items and click “Remove” button to remove them.

Step 4: Restart the computer back to the normal mode. Then, clear the recycle bin.

Step 5: Launch the removal tool to scan your whole system again. If no threats are found, please turn on System Restore.

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