Annoyed by Crazy Score Ads? – Guide to Remove Crazy Score Adware

Are you annoyed by Crazy Score ads which appear on your computer out of nowhere? Still cannot find out the effective way to get rid of those needless ads? Actually, your problem is caused by Crazy Score adware that has the ability to generate a bunch of commercial ads on your PC. Therefore, to remove the annoying ads, the most important thing you need to do is to completely remove Crazy Score adware from your machine. Don’t know how to remove this adware? Don’ worry. This post will offer you the useful guide to deal with it. Please continue reading.

Details of Crazy Score Adware

Crazy Score adware is usually used to generate advertising revenue by showing a number of commercial ads on Internet users’ PCs. Very often, this adware gets into your computer by bundled with freeware like PDF creators, download managers, video players which you have downloaded from the unreliable sources. In some cases, it enters your machine via suspicious links, spam email attachments, hacked websites, and peer-to-peer sharing files. Once successfully installed, it will add its own files and registry entries to your system and also making some changes to your browser settings.

Crazy Score

Soon after being infected by this adware, your computer will be bombarded with various forms of ads which include coupons, offers, deals, promotions, in-text ads, banners and “pop-under” ads. It should be pointed out that, Crazy Score adware is not responsible for the reliability of these ads. By clicking on some of those ads, you might be redirected to some potentially dangerous websites that attempt to trick you into downloading malware program.

This adware will not only show ads to you, but also stealthily record your online activities. Actually, many ad-supported applications like Glass Bottle, BuyAndBrowse, Primary ColorPriceMinus act in this way. They monitor on users’ online activities, track their browser cookies and then send the data collected to the remote cyber hackers. Crazy Score adware is no exception. To deliver more attractive ads to you, this adware also spy on you and collect your personal information for its creators. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that this adware be removed from your PC as quickly as possible.

Note: To remove the adware manually, you should acquire certain level of computer knowledge and skills. If you are a novice user and worry that you would make any mistakes during the manual removal process, then you can download and use a powerful removal tool to get rid of the adware.


Crazy Score Adware Is a Threat to Your PC

● It will modify your browser settings, DNS settings and other types of settings, which causes the browser to work improperly, e.g. links do not work correctly.
● It will display various types of ads on your browsers and redirect you to some unsafe websites.
● It will block your access to certain websites, especially antivirus related websites.
● When the adware redirects you to the unsafe websites, other malware may take the chance to infect your computer.
● When the adware and other malware run in the background of the system, they will consume lots of system resources, which greatly decreases the computer performance.
● The adware and other malware may try to collect your confidential information and transmit it to the third parties without your knowledge.

How Do You Get the Adware?

Crazy Score adware infection can be the consequence of improper online activities. The following are some causes of this infection:

● You download free applications from unfamiliar websites.
● You visit unsafe websites loading malicious JavaScript which redirect you to malicious domains.
● You click on seemingly innocuous banner ads or pop-up ads.
● You download sharing files from the peer-to-peer network.
● You click on infected email links which take you to malicious websites.
● You open email attachments ending with a .exe, .com, .bat, or .pif suffix from unknown sources.
● You install an infected USB device on your computer without scanning for malware using your antivirus program.

Guide to Remove Crazy Score Adware

☞ Method 1: Remove the Adware Using SpyHunter (Recommended).
Step 1: Download SpyHunter on your PC.
Step 2: Install SpyHunter step by step.
Step 3: Run SpyHunter to remove the adware.

☞ Method 2: Manually Remove the Adware Step by Step.
Step 1: Remove all suspicious programs via Control Panel.
Step 2: Remove all unwanted add-ons or extensions from browsers.
Step 3: Remove all malicious files and registry entries from system.

Method 1: Remove the Adware Using SpyHunter (Recommended).

Step 1: Download SpyHunter on your PC.


Step 2: Install SpyHunter step by step.

1. Double-click the downloaded file to run it.
2. Click “Run” when a window pops up asking if you want to run this file.

spyhunter-run setup file

3. Then follow the installation wizard to install SpyHunter on your computer.

Step 3: Run SpyHunter to remove the adware.

1. Once the installation finishes, run SpyHunter immediately.
2. Click on “Scan Computer Now” to scan your entire system for Crazy Score adware or any other threats in your system.

spyhunter-scan computer now

3. After the scanning is done, remove all detected threats by clicking on “Fix Threats”.

spyhunter-fix threats

Method 2: Manually Remove the Adware Step by Step.

Step 1: Remove all suspicious programs via Control Panel.

Windows 7:
1. Click Start button, select “Control Panel”.
2. Locate “Uninstall a program” and click on it.

uninstall a_program_1

3. Look for the suspicious programs and click “Uninstall” to remove them.


Windows 8:

1. Move your mouse to the top-right corner of the screen.
2. Click “Search” on Charms bar and type “co” into the search box.
3. Click on “Control Panel” when it appears in the search results on the left panel.


4. Click “View by Category” and click “Uninstall a program”.
5. Look for the Crazy Score related programs and uninstall them.

uninstall program_windows8

Step 2: Remove all unwanted add-ons or extensions from browsers.

Internet Explorer

1. Click on the Gear icon and select “Manage add-ons”.
2. On the “Toolbars and Extensions” tab, find out and disable the toolbars or extensions associated with the adware.

Tools-manage add-ons

Google Chrome

1. Click on the Wrench icon, click “Tools” and navigate to “Extensions”.
2. On the “Extensions” tab, look for and delete all extensions related to Crazy Score adware.


Mozilla Firefox:

1. Click 3-horizontal menu in the right top corner, and select “Add-ons”.
2. In the Add-ons Manager tab, look for and remove any unwanted extensions or plug-ins.


Step 3: Remove all malicious files and registry entries from system.

1. Look for any malicious folders and files in the C drive and delete them.
2. Open the registry editor: press Windows key + R key, type “regedit” and press Enter.


3. In the registry editor, search for any registry entries related to Crazy Score adware and delete them.


Note: This step should not be attempted by novice users. If any important files or registry entries are wrongly deleted, the system may suffer from serious damage.

How Can You Keep Your PC Safe?

● Protect your computer with strong security software and keep it updated regularly.
● Enable automatic Windows updates, or download Microsoft updates regularly, to keep your operating system patched against known vulnerabilities.
● Protect your computer from viruses by using a secure Internet connection and combining it with a firewall.
● Never open an email attachment unless you are certain it’s from a trusted source and you know exactly what the attachment is
● Don’t download freeware from sites you don’t trust, and realize that you may be exposing your computer to malware by downloading such software.
● Avoid pornographic or other unsafe websites. Clicking around these sketchy sites puts you at high risk for contracting a virus.
● Don’t follow email links claiming to offer anti-malware software – the links may serve the opposite purpose and actually install malware on your computer.


Crazy Score adware can generate a great many of commercial ads on your browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This adware infection is often a consequence of downloading freeware from unsafe sources, visiting malicious websites or hacked websites, opening junk email attachments or clicking on suspicious links and pop-ups. Having this adware on your computer, you will experience various problems, such as receiving endless annoying pop-ups, being redirected to malicious websites, getting other types of malware downloaded as well as losing your personal information. To fix these problems, you have to get rid of this pesky adware from your computer. Above we have provided two methods to remove this adware and you can follow the step-by-step guide to perform the removal instantly.

Warm Tips: The manual removal is a complicated and risky task which should not be attempted by novice users. If any mistake occurs during the manual removal process, the system may suffer from additional damage. Therefore, if you are not experienced in computer operation, we highly recommend that you use a professional malware removal tool to easily and safely get rid of Crazy Score adware from your computer right now.




The following video offers a complete guide for Crazy Score adware removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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